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Transmissions & Race Components

MK1 Capri [email protected] 123 Mph

Bracket-Master 850Hp Transbrake Powerglide

Shotgun Custom Torque Converter

Powerglide 850Hp Transbrake

Street to Race we have a trans to suit

Delivered direct to your Business or Home address. TNT Depot? Sure!

Super Fast Deliveries Australia Wide -

Super Fast Delivery Australia Wide

750 - 2500 HP

Powerglide Transmission

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World Leading Billet Valvebodies

Billet Valvebodies

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Australian made Chromolly Flexplates

Billet Chromolly Flexplates

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850-2000 HP

Turbo 400 Transmission


Powerglide 750-2500 Hp

Billet Input Shafts

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Billet Input Shafts, Pans, Billet Valvebodies, etc.

4L80E Custom Parts

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New items

905 Rwhp / 676RWKW

XR6Turbo T400

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Extreme Powerglide 2000 + Hp

VK 8.1 @ 175MPh

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