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Shotgun Performance ~ The performance behind the dust that we leave behind.

We're Real

Family owned and operated. An importer, designer, and engineering company.


Shotgun Performance is a Family owned & operated business with a passion for Performance cars to drag cars having worked and raced/crewed on all types of cars since the early 1990’s.

We have sourced some of the best transmission/driveline components available from around the world to distribute to our customer’s all over Australia.

We also have some of our products CNC machined here in Victoria using the best materials and to the highest standards and specifications.

We only supply transmission and driveline components as that is our specialty and puts us apart from the other Speed Shops in knowledge and stock availability.

Jason Gerdes & commitment to excellence

Jason Gerdes has been racing way before he got his license, known for his engineering and the legacy left behind his older racing brothers Craig & Dwayne Gerdes, Jason’s been into drag cars long enough to break what he sells a few times over.

Our team of
top-level professionals

Jason Gerdes

Founder & Owner - Not his Photo...

Dwayne Gerdes

Chief Custodian

Craig Gerdes

Certified Technician