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Powerglide Dump and Pressure Regulator Assembly

$1,205.00 inc. GST

Our new and improved Powerglide Converter Dump with built in Regulator Valve. The solenoid can now be pulse width modulated for more precise tuning and accuracy. The built in regulator prevents torque converter charge pressure from going too high which reduces the chance of having thrust main bearing failures in the engine. This can be used as a full dump when on the trans-brake and then pulsed width modulated after the trans-brake is released allowing you to control converter charge pressure during the run. To control the charge pressure during the run program the controller so that 0° pwm will give you maximum pressure and 100° will give you the lowest pressure.

This is the new designed valve, with one on-board pressure port for monitoring converter charge pressure.

Includes –
• 12″ pre-made -8an hose
• Solenoid Harness
• One -6 Straight Swivel Fitting
• One T fitting
• Two 90° Swivel fitting
• One -8 to -6 Adapter Fitting
• One -8 Straight Swivel Fitting

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