Powerglide Street Master 1.76 Ratio 750HP
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Powerglide Street Master 1.76 Ratio 750HP

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The Street Master Powerglide is very popular for the budget minded racer or street car user that wants the best quality parts used in there transmissions at an affordable price, suited for all of your street, rod & strip footbrake cars that don’t want or have the use for a Transbrake and still be able to take it to the drag-strip or track and hang some burnouts.

This transmission has a race prepped Original Equipment Manufacturer Alloy case , High flowed powerglide pump, Steel Direct drum with 6 steel and 6 clutches, a billet steel clutch hub, Supa-Flow Forward Pattern Manual Valve Body for the best shifting available, 1.76 OEM helical gear-set (a favorite for street machines and custom rods) and is rated up to a maximum of 750 horsepower.

  • OEM Alloy Case
  • High Flow powerglide pump
  • Billet Steel Clutch Hub
  • Full Manual Forward (OEM) Pattern Valve body
  • 6 Clutch Direct Drum
  • 1.76 Gear-set
  • Torsional Input Shaft
  • High Performance Gaskets and Seals
  • Rated to 750 HP

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