Powerglide Ultimate Glide 1600HP
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Powerglide Ultimate Glide 1600HP

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The Ultimate Glide Powerglide is popular for the bigger horsepower applications up-to 1600 HP but with an OEM case for the budget minded buyer, we have added the unbreakable 1.80 straight cut gears, NASA Billet Input Shaft with rings into this transmission, great for drag racers, Super Gas and Bracket racing as well as your tuff turbo, Blown, Nitrous or big cubed engine street machine or custom rod user that wants the best quality parts used in their transmissions at an affordable price, we run the Prolite Transbrake on these Hp transmissions.

This transmission has a race prepped OEM alloy case ,NASA Billet Steel Input Shaft (recommended by NASA stronger and more flexible than Vasco or 300M alternatives), Rollerized Tail housing, 1.80 9310 hardened Unbreakable Straight Cut Gear-set with 4340 output shaft, TS Aftermarket 8 Bolt pump with Bolt in and pinned stator tube (the heart of the transmission, stronger and better flowing than a stock pump and not 50 years old), Steel Direct drum with 8 steel and 8 clutches, a billet steel clutch hub, Prolite Transbrake Forward Pattern Manual Valve Body for the best shifting performance and is rated up to a maximum of 1600 horsepower.

  • OEM Alloy Case
  • 1.80 Straight Cut Gear-set 9310 Hardened
  • TS Aftermarket 8 bolt Pinned & Bolted Stator High Flow pump
  • NASA Twin RIng Billet Input Shaft
  • 4340 Output Shaft
  • Twin Ring Servo
  • Billet Steel Clutch Hub
  • Prolite Transbrake Full Manual Forward (OEM) Pattern Valve body
  • 8 Clutch Direct Drum
  • Deep Alloy Pan
  • High Performance Gaskets and Seals
  • Optional Transmission Shield at an extra $150
  • Rated to 1600 HP

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