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Pro Street Stage 4 Turbo-400 Cut Bellhousing for RB/BA etc Billet Transbrake Street & Strip 300M Billet Input 1300 HP

$8,000.00 inc. GST

Pro Street TH-400 Billet Transbraked Street & Strip w/4″ Tail Great for your tuff street, rod or Race Car. We have upgraded to a 300M Billet Input Shaft, Billet Steel Hub to a Billet Transbraked Reverse Manual Valve Body for harder manual shifts and Transbrake Launches. We have also upgraded the intermediate drum to a Pro Mod Billet Case Hardened Alloy 36 Element Drum & Sprag assembly which increases the strength and HP rating of the gearbox and rollerized the output shaft.

We have rebuilt with quality ALTO Clutches, steels and bands, re-configuring the pump to high volume and adding the Deep cast alloy pan to increase the oil capacity, strengthening the transmission case and cooling the transmission oil.

T400 Race Prepped OEM Case

300M Billet Input Shaft

300M Billet Intermediate Shaft

Billet Steel Hub

Billet Case Saver

Billet Alloy Transbrake Reverse Manual Valve Body

Transbrake is used for Reverse Gear

Pro Mod Billet 36 Element Drum & Pro Mod Clutches & Steels

Rollerized output shaft

ALTO clutches, steels, and bands

High volume pump

Deep Alloy Pan

Rated to 1300 HP in a full weight car

Requires Bushed Converter

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